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25 Apr

The following comprises the Childers Group’s formal written submission to the ACT Government’s review of its arts policy, which is currently taking place. It was submitted to the ACT Government on 24 April 2015. Fair wages for artists and arts workers: Most Australian artists and arts workers receive very low rates of pay, as evidenced […]

We expand our expertise

24 Jan

We’re thrilled to announced that Jack Lloyd and Michael White have joined the Childers Group. Jack and Michael bring valuable knowledge and experience in arts development and management, and together they have a long-standing commitment to arts advocacy locally, nationally, and internationally. They will augment the Childers Group wonderfully, and ensure that we can continue […]

Arts review: update

10 Jan

Further to our ongoing advocacy about the ACT Government’s review of its Arts Policy Framework, which is the key document driving how the arts are supported in the ACT region, the ACT Minister for the Arts, Joy Burch MLA, has invited the Childers Group to participate in a Reference Group. The Minister has nominated Childers […]

Arts review: update

20 Dec

We’ve now received a response from the ACT Minister for the Arts, Joy Burch MLA, and it can be found here: Reply from Joy Burch MLA re. ACT Arts Review (Dec 2014). The letter provides some information about the scope of the review and the proposed consultation process. The Childers Group is pleased to participate […]

Forum update 6: the feedback

11 Oct

After a bit of a lie-down, your Arts Leadership Forum planning team has gone through the feedback sheets and collated participant thoughts and reflections on the event. Here’s a summary document: Arts Leadership Forum 2014 – Participant Feedback Report – October 2014. If you weren’t able to provide your feedback on the day, you’re welcome […]

Forum update 6: thank you, one and all, and some things to watch and read

13 Sep

THANK YOU to all the participants, presenters and panelists at the Arts Leadership Forum, which was held in partnership with the Cultural Facilities Corporation on 1 September. For those who attended, we hope that there were a wide range of ideas, challenges and solutions discussed and explored, and that you will head out into the […]

Woohoo, it’s Forum Day!

1 Sep

Looking forward to seeing you all at noon at the Canberra Theatre Centre Link. For those using social media, the hashtag is #ArtsLeadership2014. Let the discussions begin!

Forum update 5: everything you need to know about Arts Leadership Forum 2014 in 30 beautiful seconds!

28 Aug

When is it? Monday 1 September, from 12noon to 5pm. What’s it about? The Arts Leadership Forum 2014 will tackle the big issues for the future of arts leadership in our region and the nation. Topics to be explored include: what is arts leadership and how does it differ from other types of leadership? what […]

Forum update 4: What’s past is prologue – arts leadership today

28 Aug

By Shane Breynard Just a handful of years has seen a generational shift in arts leadership for my part of the world, and I am including our showy big sister Sydney here with us in Canberra. Almost a mini-bus full of our most senior arts directors, often after 25 or more years of experience, have […]

Forum update 3: special offer for online communicators

24 Aug

We love bloggers. We also really like building on issues/challenges/opportunities shared at previous forums, including our 2013 forum which focused on the role of the arts critic/writer. So, to spread the love, and the insight, for our Arts Leadership Forum on 1 September we’re offering a number of specially priced tickets to bloggers and experienced live-tweeters. Send […]