The Childers Group advocates for the arts in the ACT region.

Our advocacy is based on the principles of:

  • independence,
  • information,
  • connection,
  • objectivity,
  • ongoing development,
  • valuing the arts, and
  • pride in Australia’s national capital city and the region that surrounds it.

The Childers Group is committed to the long-term viability and vitality of the arts. A key part of our role is advocating support for the arts to governments at all levels, and engaging with the private sector, educators, the media and the broader community about the value of the arts.

The Childers Group values the exploration of the facts and taking the time to reach rational conclusions based on evidence. (Our original inspiration was the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, which brings cool, calm, considered thinking to matters of environment conservation.)

The Childers Group has a proven track-record in the visual arts, music, dance, theatre and performing arts, film, youth arts, community arts, and literature. The Group also has expertise in tertiary arts education, community cultural development, and festivals and events based on local/regional, national and international experience and connections.

Many of our members have local/regional as well as national expertise and connections. While most of our members live and work in the ACT, a number of us are based in regional NSW.

The Childers Group does not aim to be the only voice for the arts in the ACT region, and we encourage a diversity of views.

In practical terms, what do we do?

Each year we hold public forums focusing on topics of interest to the arts community, we prepare formal submissions to governments, we meet with agencies/institutions to progress  issues, and we also initiative/coordinate arts advocacy campaigns. We welcome media interest and do our best to accept all invitations to speak about the arts.

For a summary of our advocacy to-date, go here.

The Childers Group does not receive funding from any government or organisation, and we are not aligned with any political party.

All our members are volunteers. Membership is by invitation.

Why ‘Childers Group’? It refers to Childers Street, Canberra City, where the group met for the first time, in November 2011.



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