WRITING AUSTRALIA should call National Capital home

25 Jan

In November 2011 concerned ACT region arts leaders formed a new voice for the arts.

The CHILDERS GROUP advocacy is based on the principles of objectivity, independence, valuing the arts, and a pride in Australia’s national capital city and the region that surrounds it.

The CHILDERS GROUP strongly advocates for Canberra to be the formal and functional home for the newly formed organisation, Writing Australia. 

The writing sector is currently undergoing considerable change, and there is a need for a strong and coordinated voice for the sector.  Writing Australia can be that voice.

Writing Australia currently has a presence in Canberra with its administration operating from an office provided by the National Library of Australia. The National Library, in the context of the other national cultural institutions, is the appropriate place for the operational base of Writing Australia.

Not only is Canberra  Australia’s National Capital, it is the location of significant writing infrastructure, including the National Library but also the National Archives, three universities and Manning Clark House. Canberra and its surrounding regional areas have a high level of engagement in professional writing activities.

Proximity to the Australian Parliament, federal Government departments, and the network of national cultural agencies is central to the effective work of any organisation with Australia-wide responsibilities.

The CHILDERS GROUP is calling on the ACT Government, the Australia Council for the Arts, and Writing Australia to begin working towards formalising its headquarters in Canberra, Australia’s national capital city.

For more information, please contact the CHILDERS GROUP.

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