Childers Group Report for 2023

The Childers Group Yearly Report for 2023

As the election year 2024 commences the Childers Group will continue its advocacy for the arts and culture in Canberra and the Region. The last few years have been extremely difficult for local artists however we are confident that the arts will once again flourish.

2023 activities


  • We have had Assembly meetings over the year with the Chief Minister Andrew Barr, Arts Minister Tara Cheyne, Greens Arts Spokesperson Jo Clay, Liberal Arts spokesperson Nicole Lawder and Health Minister Rachel Stephen Smith


  • Meetings with Minister Cheyne covered : briefing on the 2023-2024 budget outcome for the arts, discussion of the responses from the arts community to the Funding Outcomes of the Multi Year Round (2022), proposal for a Submission for the 2024-2025 Budget from the Arts Centres Group, discussion on the remuneration principles outlined in the Statement of Ambition ( how is it going to monitored and regulated)



  • continued meeting with Kate Fielding, CEO of A New Approach ( national arts and culture think tank based here in Canberra)


  • lodged our Budget Submission with ACT Government for the 2024-2025 Budget ( Childers has been doing these submissions since 2013) : see link below



  • continued our partnership with the Cultural Facilities Corporation


  • continued liaison with Music ACT


  • Childers members have played an active role in the Canberra Artists Action Group (CAAG)


  • Childers members have continued to play an active role in National arts advocacy



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